Impact, Display, Durable

No other form of advertising offers a lower cost per impression than vehicle graphics.
A single delivery van with effective vehicle graphics design can generate millions of
visual impressions a year. And, with full colour, photographic images on your vehicle,
you’ll add a dynamic element that will get your company noticed.

Vehicle Graphics

Economy £95 - £200
Standard £200 - £300
High End £300+

The aim is to get your business seen, and to promote your brand or new product launch. We know what works and what doesn’t. The materials used are fully removable at any time.

Economy – And by “economy” we mean simple and corporate – not cheap and nasty! We use just the same top grade vinyl and the same skilled fitters install the graphics – it just means that we use less vinyl and installation takes us less time, so we can charge less.

Standard – The “average” van costs around £250. This includes signwriting on both sides of the van, bonnet and back.

High End – As the standard description plus add full colour pictures and more vinyl coverage, for large vehicles.

Border Garage
Van template drawing
cmc trailer
Two Lorries 4 book

Prices subject to VAT